Bushes and shrubs can be pretty tricky if you are not careful with your selection. When choosing shrubs the important thing is to remember healthy. Another thing you have to think about is how and where you want them to go. There are so many types of Bushes & Shrubs that you need to think about the purpose you will use them for. This will help you to narrow down your selection. In this section we name some of our most popular bushes and shrubs, which are used in today's modern garden.

Bushes for sun:

  • Hydrangea (big flowers in summer): Blue Wave, Oakleaf, Alice, Red, Varigated, etc.

  • Cotoneaster: Willowleaf

  • Barberries: Crimson Peagy

  • Mediteranean Heather: Pink, White

  • Viburnum: Chindo, Alleghany, Burkwood, Carlisie, Judi, Featherleaf

  • Butterfly Bush (purple, white flowers in summer)

  • Forsithia (yellow flowers in March)

  • Fothergilla

Bushes for shade:

  • Yew: (good for hedges) English Dwarf, Densiformis, Hicks, Erecta, Irish

  • Laurel: Otto Luken, Skip, English

  • Andromeda: Compacta, Red Mills

  • Aucuba: Golden, Varigated, Gold Dust

  • Skimmia (evergreen, low growing)

  • Leucothea

  • Japanese Holly (good for low hedges): Helleri, Compact Wrights, Roundleaf

Bushes that tolerate wet soils:

  • Bayberry: Northern, Southern

  • Inkberry Holly: Compact, Shamrock

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